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Mindfulness Coach

Includes 3 x 45 minute sessions

3 monthly payments of AUD $97.00

Mindfulness Coaching build a mindful practice into your day to day life. The two aspects of this are Mindfulness and Coaching. Mindfulness is bringing self awareness, gentle grace and laser focus on the present. Coaching is practical scaffolding and guidance with a growth mindset.

Combined, the discipline of mindfulness and the real life skill of coaching is a powerful agent of change and transformation. In effect, you become the architect of your life - sculpting your future outcomes through focus and commitment through your daily practice.

Mindfulness Coaching is a powerful way to engage your latent talents, re-connect with your essential nature, and drive towards fulfillment and satisfaction.

Jump on board for a dynamic, outdoor event based life coaching experience - where fresh air, movement and fully connecting with you mind, body and calm center is what it is all about.

It's about being bold, brave and embracing self acceptance - as well as learning the skills of heart-centered life coaching and mindfulness.

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